Accountable Government

Beyond any one party or politician, one thing is clear: our government needs to be held accountable to the people. Some lawmakers have attempted to unleash dark money into our local elections and allow unlimited spending. We cannot allow further encroachment of lobbyists and wealthy donors to corrupt our political system. Brandon will defend and work to strengthen Minnesota’s campaign finance laws so that voters will know whether politicians are working for their donors, or for the people who elected them.

In recent years the legislature has tried to pass critical legislation within a matter of days behind closed doors without public input. Many of the lawmakers themselves are not given enough time to read and debate bills before they are sent to the Governor. Minnesotans deserve a more effective and accountable government. Brandon will fight to make the legislative process more transparent and will make himself available to all of his constituents.

We need a government that works efficiently and transparently, allowing constituents to effectively access the resources they need. Brandon will work to ensure resources and funding are available for state services, and modernize the state’s IT infrastructure so that resources from the DMV to MNsure work for you and are secure.