Affordable Healthcare For All

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Minnesotans should never have to choose between paying the bills and keeping their family safe and healthy. Brandon's family has experienced first hand the struggle of affording rising insurance premiums. The insurance companies have taken advantage of Minnesotans as they raise premiums with no accountability to patients and taxpayers. Rural communities have been particularly underserved, and even abandoned, by the insurance companies, leaving residents with little to no options for obtaining healthcare. Brandon will work to expand MinnesotaCare as a competitive, affordable option all across Minnesota.

For far too long, politicians have stood by as an opioid epidemic has devastated families in Anoka County and all across the state. We need to treat addiction as a disease, not as a crime. Brandon will fight to make this a legislative priority in the House of Representatives by working with experts in healthcare and law enforcement to create an effective and compassionate plan to help those struggling with addiction, in order to put an end to this crisis in our communities.