An All-the-Above Strategy On Transportation

Our businesses deserve quality infrastructure in order to grow and our families deserve roads and bridges that are safe. We want businesses to come to and stay in Blaine for generations to come and for families to be able to get to their jobs and schools safely. If we tackle the repairs and expansions needed to accommodate the booming population of our city, we can create an environment where businesses succeed and workers thrive. Unfortunately, as lawmakers bicker about transportation funding, Blaine’s roads and bridges continue to fall into disrepair after years and years of neglect.

We need an all-the-above strategy to reduce traffic congestion on our roads. Quality transportation to and from Blaine is necessary for our community to continue to grow and prosper. Instead of cutting transit services, Brandon will work to expand it in the North Metro. He will also work with his colleagues across the aisle to complete a traffic study for Highway 65, which is increasingly congested and unsafe.