Education for the 21st Century Economy

As an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools for nearly ten years, Brandon has seen first hand what a difference it can make when the Minnesota legislature prioritizes preK-12 education funding. We cannot return to the days when lawmakers borrowed from our schools in order to balance their budgets, which deprived educators and students of the resources they needed to learn and grow. Brandon will always work to ensure that our schools are properly funded and supported.

Children of all backgrounds deserve to begin their journey to graduation with early childhood education, which countless studies have shown gives students a critical advantage over those who haven’t had the opportunity. Brandon will support legislation to enact all-day early childhood education, giving every child a greater pathway for success in the classroom.

The best indicator of whether our education system is succeeding or failing is whether the students are equipped for the jobs of the 21st century economy. Brandon will partner with educators to support career and technical education programs so that kids can obtain the jobs that are in high demand in our local communities, and allow them to compete in the global economy.

We need to lower the cost of college tuition. Brandon’s family knows first hand the burden of student loan debt, and we are undercutting our families and our economy by saddling students with debt. He will work to make the first two years of community college tuition free for all students and to freeze tuition for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.